Reflection: Student Grouping Asking & Answering Questions While Reading - Section 3: Guided Reading


This lesson focuses on delivering instruction through guided reading groups. I meet with guided reading groups three times a week. While I meet with these groups, students are working in learning stations to reinforce skills they have learned. During the guided group, depending on the needs of the students, students are practicing applying the standard and skill we are focusing on in the lesson. This part of the lesson allows me to focus in on two groups, giving them more isolated attention and guided practice with applying the standard and skill.

  Differentiated Groups
  Student Grouping: Differentiated Groups
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Asking & Answering Questions While Reading

Unit 9: Reading Non-Fictional Text
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their comprehension of the main idea of an informational text.

Big Idea: With the use of active reading strategies, students can read and understand non-fictional text effectively.

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English / Language Arts, question, skim
  60 minutes
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