Reflection: Routines and Procedures Nouns and Verbs Daily Practice - Section 4: Differentiated Practice


This activity is really easy (and not very time consuming) as long as you plan ahead!  As I look forward to my week ahead, I look at my amazing words, my content area vocabulary words and any other fun words that I know we will encounter.  These words are the words that I will use for this exercise.  Usually, I try to pick words that I will already be making copies of (like for my Focus Wall) and I use those as the bouncing board- why not kill two birds with one stone?
For the first couple of weeks, I will admit that I planned way too much for this activity.  After that, I got the hang of it and I realized that the kids did too, so it was easier and easier each time!

  How to switch it up!
  Routines and Procedures: How to switch it up!
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Nouns and Verbs Daily Practice

Unit 9: Language Skills
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT differentiate between nouns and verbs through regular practice.

Big Idea: Is it something you see or something you do? Look around and figure it out!

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