Reflection: Advanced Students How do Poetic Elements Tell a Soldier's Story in WWII Poems? - Section 3: Independent Practice: Reading Poem After Poem


It is true that the advance students that I interact with on a daily basis need the use of heighten critical thinking to propel their understandings and interpretations about topics studied through literature. The poems selected for this lesson signify the need for gifted students to work with complex, high grade-level text to bridge new interpretations with previous understandings about a topic such as World War II. I ensured that the poems selected for this lesson differed in length but contained similar literary elements to uncover the central idea and theme about death that each speaker in the poems showed through words and imagery.

I was pleased with the quick responses my students gave to the comprehension questions. Because the first interaction with students was geared to annotating each poem, this level of analysis allowed room for interpretations and misinterpretations to be cleared up by a peer or teacher. Once students interacted with the questions, they were able to grow in curiosity about some ideas that wasn't discovered in their initial experience with each poem during annotation.

I will definitely do this lesson again! For teachers who enjoy students facilitating learning, each poem can be analyzed and taught (by the group) in the next class period. I LOVE how the questions allow for interpreted responses so no "ONE" answer makes each question CORRECT. Students discovered this as we went over certain questions as a class. In the end, all lesson objectives were met and I even learned new things about the poems from my students that I didn't get from my own analysis of each poem prior to the teaching of the lesson.

  Selection of Poems Reflection
  Advanced Students: Selection of Poems Reflection
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How do Poetic Elements Tell a Soldier's Story in WWII Poems?

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT infer from images and symbols in poems to understand a soldiers' perspective on DEATH.

Big Idea: Wait for Me Death! A soldier's fate with reality vs. fantasy.

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