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Some students have a lot of disagreements about who is going to draw what parts on their poster. Their main argument was, "But she draws flowers the best and I really want to draw a river over here". At one point, I stopped the class and tried to help us refocus by asking, "What are our priorities?" Of course, we wanted something that would look attractive when we look out of our classroom windows and when we're playing outside for recess, but we are also trying to solve a very specific problem. It won't matter how pretty our space is if it doesn't have the things wildlife needs to order to survive and feel safe and comfortable. I ask students to return to creating their poster but instead of having pretty flowers, make sure they have the right type of plant that the animals need.

Students felt a lot of ownership in creating their poster and designing the space that might be created on the school grounds but they need some support to refocus on what mattered most and the problem that we were actually trying to solve.

  Facts or Beauty?
  Student Ownership: Facts or Beauty?
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Solving a Real-World Problem: Developing a Solution through Collaboration

Unit 5: ELA Through Environmental Science
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use research notes and ideas to develop a group solution to a problem.

Big Idea: Students create a diagram using ideas from members of the group.

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), group work, 4th grade, Fourth Grade, solution, real world problem, discussions, diagramming, diagram, environment
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