Reflection: Shared Expectations Editing: Looking at One Thing at a Time - Section 3: Independent Practice


During the independent practice, students are going to finish at different times depending on whether or not their story is long or short, if they have a lot of mistakes or only a few, and how fast they can read their writing and notice mistakes to correct.

Therefore, one way to keep students engaged is for them to edited other students' work. After they learn how to edit well, every student in the class will have the opportunity to edit other students' stories but for now, only the students who are finished first will get that opportunity. However, I don't tell them that at the beginning of the lesson because I want them to spend quality time with their own story rather than be motivated to finish as fast as they can so they can read another student's story.

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Editing: Looking at One Thing at a Time

Unit 11: Personal Narratives: Digging Into Our Toolbox
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Objective: SWBAT look for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in their own and other student's writing.

Big Idea: Until students get really good at spotting common errors and noticing mistakes, they need to practice looking for one error at a time.

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