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No song is really safe around me.  I am a super visual learner, I think, but I am forever coming up with these goofy little “versions” of songs.  I have a silly, cheesy song for more things than I’d l like to admit.  Silly songs are fun, and they really do stick in your head, which can really facilitate learning.  Adding a funny dance or moves opens up learning for still another group of learners!  It’s important to remember that although we may lean in the direction of one style, our students have all different kinds of learning styles, and if we keep instruction lighthearted, varied, and fun, all learners can benefit!

  Keeping it fun
  Intrinsic Motivation: Keeping It Fun
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Flip Over! Flip Over! Decomposing 5

Unit 10: Decomposing Numbers
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT sing a short song to complete a chart of all the ways to make 5.

Big Idea: I took the classic kids' song, "10 in the Bed" and changed the words to help when using 2-colored counters to decompose 5 (or any number, really).

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Math, Number Sets, whole numbers
  35 minutes
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