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A few things I've changed over the years after teaching students to use a computer is 1) to never allow students to print freely. So many trees have been wasted! Students are still learning how to format and sometimes that means that pages are wasted or not much is on a page when they think they are ready for printing. I have also been part of wasting of trees when I would just trust that students who say they are done editing, were actually done and then I would print unformatted pages. 

Now, no one is allow to print until I have checked it off. Formatting, changing font color and size, indentation, spacing, etc. are usually very quick fixes. You could even train a few for class job to help other students.

  Wasted Paper
  Adjustments to Practice: Wasted Paper
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Publishing: Using a Computer to Edit

Unit 11: Personal Narratives: Digging Into Our Toolbox
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Objective: SWBAT to use their paper copy of their draft with handwritten editing marks to make editing changes to their typed drafts.

Big Idea: Students learn that typed drafts can be edited on computer as well as on the hard copy.

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using a computer to edit
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