Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Singing of Yourself & Others: Whitman's "Song of Myself" - Section 4: Jigsaw Reading: Understanding The World at the Time


The adjustment here came in response to previous jigsaw I have done in class. After realizing that I did not provide many opportunities for speaking in front of the class last semester, I wanted to provide students more opportunities to build confidence in that area, as well as give them ownership of a specific reading section as students became "experts." By working in groups (for this class, I assigned the groups based on their rows in class because it provided variety, but also provide the opportunity to work with some of their friends; they chose their seats at the start of the semester), I can ensure who the "experts" on each reading are are much more easily identifiable than when groups decide among themselves who will do what section. Additionally, the poster provides a tangible product for the students to "turn in," and the grade motivates them. This all came very clear in the group conversations today, there was--surprisingly--little off-topic conversation as I circulated the room. 

  Jigsaw & Reporting
  Adjustments to Practice: Jigsaw & Reporting
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Singing of Yourself & Others: Whitman's "Song of Myself"

Unit 13: Literacy: Figurative Language in the Poetry of Whitman & Dickinson
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Objective: SWBAT propel a well-reasoned exchange of ideas on tone and figures of speech by referring to evidence found in Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself," and analyze how main ideas about Whitman's time period are presented in order to clearly share their findings with the class.

Big Idea: Students sing of themselves and celebrate themselves, and analyze some poetry, too.

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English / Language Arts, tone (Literary Terms), realism, Literature, poetry (Analysis), Poetry, Walt Whitman, historical background, historical context, Song of Myself, figures of speech
  50 minutes
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