Reflection: Checks for Understanding Comparing 2 Books: On Your Own - Section 3: Independent Assessment


This is a great assessment to use to check for understanding of basic story elements, ability to use a Venn diagram correctly, and the level of comparing and contrasting two stories.

For students who understood these skills well, they filled out their Venn diagram with multiple details for each element. They recognized that there may be more than one theme and that characters could be described in more than one so that there were both similarities and differences.

Students who didn't understand, either didn't include an important characteristic, such as setting, or wrote details that were very basic such as the names of the characters being different but not actually comparing them based on their characteristics.

This is also a good assessment because it was given after days of practicing identifying story elements of various story.

The next step would be to meet with student who did not fully understand the task and work with them in an appropriately leveled book to identify story elements and then compare multiple books. The extension for students who were ready for it would be for them to compare chapter books that they are reading.

  Checks for Understanding: Assessment
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Comparing 2 Books: On Your Own

Unit 13: The Genre of Fantasy
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to compare key story elements in two stories.

Big Idea: Students compare two similar stories based on key story elements.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, compare-and-contrast, Venn diagram, 4th grade, story elements, compare and contrast, Fourth Grade
  40 minutes
comparing two books
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