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I am rather proud of my seque. This is the last lesson in my Reading - Literature and Information about Money Unit and will provide a bridge to the next ELA Unit - Poetry. I think making smooth transitions between units of study provides a component of authenticity to students' lives. Life isn't compartmentalized and the study of Language Arts shouldn't be either. I am excited to start investigating poetry and to add our learning to the new bulletin board begun in this lesson! 

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Smart by Shel Silverstein: A Study in Point of View!

Unit 3: "RICH" Literature and Information About Money!
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify words and phrases that convey feeling of characters in a poem.

Big Idea: Shel Silverstein captured the “less is more” oxymoron in his poem “Smart.” Students capture the difference in point of view.

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