Reflection: Adjustments to Practice 1968: Examining the Documentary and Informational Text (1 of 3) - Section 3: Did she really just say let's watch a movie?


Wow!  Students loved this assignment today.  I have to accept that this generation is a visual one.  They are constantly reading video games, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Today went better than I anticipated.  I chose to take notes on Apollo 13.  Students shocked me with how much they remembered from the film.  I have to give them more opportunities to demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend visual texts.  

  This is a visual generation
  Adjustments to Practice: This is a visual generation
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1968: Examining the Documentary and Informational Text (1 of 3)

Unit 4: Visual Literacy
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT analyze various accounts of subject told in different mediums, determine which details are emphasized and synthesize multiple sources on a subject by researching 1968 in film and print.

Big Idea: Can we convince students that "reading" a film is the same as reading a text?

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