Reflection: Lesson Planning Developing a Thesis/Claim for Your Cause and Effect Research Essay - Section 1: Introduction and Context


It is important at the outset to make certain students are actually writing a cause and effect.  Over the years students get the concept confused with a "report" or an "editorial"  -- the former is informative without being provocative and the later is provocative without being informative.

I have two examples from recent memory ...

1. This year a student wrote her paper on the methods for animal cloning.  She assumed that "animal cloning" was a real issue in our country.  The number of animals ever cloned can be counted on your hands and the cost is essentially prohibitive to most regular folks.  This is not an issue, and it it was, what does cause it?  Can that be determined.

2. Last year a student wrote an essay about the US's relationship with Israel, but he never discussed any controversy in regards to that relationship.  He wrote an excellent "report" of US/Israeli relations, but he never identified a problem with this relationship.

Keep a sharp eye out! 

  reflection re: C&E, editorials, and reports
  Lesson Planning: reflection re: C&E, editorials, and reports
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Developing a Thesis/Claim for Your Cause and Effect Research Essay

Unit 6: Writing a Cause & Effect (Researched Essay)
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a supportable thesis/claim for their cause and effect essays.

Big Idea: ... a strong thesis statement is the key to a cogent argument ...

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