Reflection: Routines and Procedures Introduction to Summaries: An Independent Activity - Section 2: Practice


In my class, we keep use a Learning Journal to record all of our thinking. I know some classes that have a journal for reading, one for writing, one for math, and may have even more. However, I like to keep it all in one place because most of our thinking is integrated with other subjects. This allows students to review what they have written before or how they wrote it. We can also take notes in the learning journal that can be easily accessed when students are writing responses to activities. Also, when I model how to use the journal, I keep a record of my teacher and have an example that I can provide a student who has missed the day or the lesson.

  Learning Journal: A Collection of Ideas
  Routines and Procedures: Learning Journal: A Collection of Ideas
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Introduction to Summaries: An Independent Activity

Unit 13: The Genre of Fantasy
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to listen to a class read-aloud and identify key story elements.

Big Idea: Students differentiate between details and main points.

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English / Language Arts, summary (Composition Basics), folklore (Fictional Lit), 4th grade, summarizing, cultural diversity, picture book, Read Aloud, folktale, vietnamese, fouth grade
  30 minutes
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