Reflection: Student Ownership More Than Turkey Legs & Buckled Hats: Puritan Background & Poetic Analysis - Section 3: Informational Reading: Taking Guided Notes


One of the greatest challenges to teaching Puritan poetry (and sermon) is making it relate to the students. In many ways, the Puritans are the most distant, socially and chronologically, from where the students are. By asking them to read background context today, and develop an understanding of the work and period, I was able to provide students with understanding of the people themselves, and a bit about why they are important to us, today. Anne Bradstreet, in particular, motivated students, as many of the young women in my class were interested in her role as the first notable American woman poet. There were a few girls who stated, "I did not know that." This interest can carry over into the student's analysis, providing ownership of the material.

  A Reflection on Self-Guided Reading and Reinforcement
  Student Ownership: A Reflection on Self-Guided Reading and Reinforcement
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More Than Turkey Legs & Buckled Hats: Puritan Background & Poetic Analysis

Unit 2: Literacy: Plain Living Portrayed in Puritan Poetry and Sermons
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Objective: SWBAT determine theme and its development through analyzing the impact of diction in Anne Bradstreet's poetry by using SOAPSTone as their analysis tool.

Big Idea: Most high school students can identify Thanksgiving Dinner with Puritans; today students explore the meaning, tone, and diction in Puritan poetry.

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desembarco de los puritanos en am rica by antonio gisbert via wikimedia commons
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