Reflection: Modeling Writing Scenes: Using Prior Strategies to Apply to New Learning - Section 2: Practice


Making the connection between published authors and the writing process that they are engaged in is really important. The more students realize that even their favorite authors had to go through a similar process in spend tons more time doing the work that the students are doing, the easier it is for students to think hard about who their audience is and how they can revise to make their writing better. 

I try to model this strategy with as many great books as time allows. I also try to preselect books that have different leads but that sound enticing. Of course, I also try to find books that the students have not read but sound interesting in the hopes that they might pick up a new book later to read independently.

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Writing Scenes: Using Prior Strategies to Apply to New Learning

Unit 4: Writing Fictional Stories
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Objective: SWBAT to use what they have learned about writing leads to small scenes in their story.

Big Idea: Leads or interesting openers to a story is not just for the very beginning. It can also be used during transitions in your story or smaller scenes.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, fictional narratives, scenes, Leads, Fourth Grade, 4th grade, narrative structure
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fictional stories
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