Reflection: Lesson Planning Spin, Build, & Compare Numbers, Part 2 - Section 2: Guided Practice


I could have taken the 5 kiddos who seemed to have this process mastered and let them play independently, but the number is odd and it would take a moment to get them set up and established at their own table, particularly with the extra kiddo who didn’t have a definite partner.

Since so much of the class was so confused, I didn’t make that switch for them, and I felt kind of badly about it. 

I think there was a level of success to the lesson based on the fact that many students truly learned the procedure.  I wish we could have done this part in “Part 1” and the kiddos could have had some fun practice to celebrate their understanding.

  Reteaching when a few kids "have" the concept
  Lesson Planning: Reteaching when a few kids "have" the concept
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Spin, Build, & Compare Numbers, Part 2

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT follow a multi-step procedure to spin, build and record numbers, and then compare it to a different number.

Big Idea: The lesson provides the extensive guided practice that was missing from Part 1. Ideally, this would happen before any partner practice.

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