Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Let's Revise! - Section 3: Revising By Themselves


Teaching students to revise ideas take time and practice. Today I chose to revise on a sentence level. I wanted to help my students think about whether their sentences made sense, and, if they didn't, I wanted them to explore the ways in which they could revise. To further guide them in the process, I created a checklist. I modeled this checklist before they got an opportunity to use it by themselves.

In terms of how the students used the checklist, I felt they did a good job with knowing how to start and how to progress. I felt they tried to be as honest as possible with their evaluations of their sentences.

I felt some were good at knowing where to make additions to their writing to improve it.

Some students did have an issue with fully understanding whether their sentences made sense or not. I asked them to reread their sentence and to try again. For some it worked for others they needed more support.

I did enjoy seeing the students take ownership of their revision. I sensed they were feeling empowered by shaping the paragraph in the way they wanted it.

I thought it was good for them to realize that revising is not easy. They saw that it's very subjective and that is why having the checklists help so much. I am glad for the different conversations we had about the revision process.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Reflection About Revision
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Let's Revise!

Unit 15: Odd Velvet: How do we measure odd?
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT revise their paragraphs to strengthen their content and structure.

Big Idea: To revise is to stop, reread, reflect, and ask questions.

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