Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Holiday Write the Room - Section 2: Independent Practice


I had a plan when I found this fantastic, free lesson on my beloved Pinterest.  Thank you, Greg Smedley-Warren!  My plan was to introduce the lesson, place the cards around the room, and then work on my report card testing that had to go home before the holiday break.  I knew this lesson would be so engaging and so fun that I could easily work with a student and get great report card information.

Then the independent practice started, and it was honestly so fun watching the kiddos find the items and count them up, I couldn’t tear myself away to do my report card work!  It was just so fun seeing the students’ counting strategies and watching them work with such determination!

  Amazing free downloads
  Intrinsic Motivation: Amazing free downloads
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Holiday Write the Room

Unit 13: 0-10 Number Review
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT count quantities on cards posted around the room and write numbers to match.

Big Idea: This colorful, fun, festive free download was a surprise highlight during the busy holiday season!

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how do i write 8
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