Reflection: Student Feedback Where in the World am I? - Section 1: Introduction and Guided Activity


The most surprising thing about this activity is that students were not aware of where our neighborhood or school was in relation to the rest of the city or other cities in the state. When we got within the boundaries of the state, I had to zoom in and zoom out repeatedly to help students have a better understanding of where we are on a map. I also had to reference other places that they know of, heard of, and have been to in order to help them make the connection to the location. 

However, spending a little extra time on the location of the city and neighborhood helped students use language later to describe where they are on the planet.

  Getting Lost Closer to Home
  Student Feedback: Getting Lost Closer to Home
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Where in the World am I?

Unit 1: ELA Through State History Studies
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use tier 2 words related to geography correctly to identify their position on Earth.

Big Idea: Students learn where they are in the world by visually following the Google Earth map and correctly using content specific words.

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English / Language Arts, States (U.S. Geography), definition context clue, Vocabulary, Geography, location, continent, google earth, country, region, observations
  40 minutes
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