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When there’s a manpower issue in the class, routines—and grouping--are more important than ever.  My groups are heterogenous—with mixed abilities and a variety of personalities.  I’m on version 5.0 we joke, because with students with emotional disabilities and ADHD and various levels of development, it’s easy to imagine how an impulsive kiddo or a very “young” little guy could “set off” a kid with EBD.  That happened, day after day, during the first couple of weeks of school while I was trying to create the perfect “mix” for success.

There’s one group though, that doesn’t have that academic “anchor” kid who somehow pulls the group through challenging activities.  I love this group—just like I truly love all the kiddos in each group.  This group, though, needs extra time and attention from me, and this is “the group” that takes a few minutes longer with guided learning, and a little more “swooping in” from me during independent activities.  I love this group—truly, I do—they just need a little extra love, a few more reminders, and an extra ounce of patience.

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Nifty Nine!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 9 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count and represent the number 9.

Big Idea: Students enjoy a variety of hands-on activities to develop the concept of 9.

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