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The responses on the ticket out the door indicate that I have not used the words coplanar, collinear, and bisect enough - the students are still not feeling confident of these words.

Additionally, I have come to realize that the students think of our first construction as finding the midpoint of a line segment only; I have not made it clear enough that what we are also doing is constructing the perpendicular bisector.  I need to work on connecting these concepts better.

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Introduction to Geometry (Part 2)

Unit 1: Tools of Geometry
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify different types of angles and angle pairs, and bisect line segments and angles.

Big Idea: It's all about angles! Angles, angle pairs, and how to bisect them.

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Math, Geometry, right angle, Construction, protractor, adjacent angles, congruent, angle, obtuse, acute, supplementary, complementary, angle bisector, straight angle, vertices, degree, Radians, perpendicular bisectors, bisect, compass, arc
  90 minutes
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