Reflection: Rigor To Be a Fraction, Or Not To Be, That is the Question - Section 2: Active Engagement


Using sentence frames for the videos would have helped raise the rigor of the activity. The students did a good job explaining what was in their art, but they could have described why the pieces were or were not fractions. Had I given a prompt for them to use, all of us would have dug deeper into understanding. Students understanding of fractions, mine of what my students know and what might still be challenging.

If you try this activity, supplying your students with sentence frames such as:

I cut________ into _________equal pieces and that is why they are named ________________.

These pieces are not fractions because___________________________. 

For some students shorter or more explicit sentences, with one statement at a time, might be more effective. For example, the first sentence frame above could also be done this way:

I cut (name of shape) into _______ equal pieces. I counted all of the equal pieces. I have _______ equal pieces. I know that when a whole is _______ pieces, the pieces are called ____________.


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To Be a Fraction, Or Not To Be, That is the Question

Unit 5: Introduction To Fractions
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to communicate their understanding of what a fraction is and is not by creating a video using their artwork as examples.

Big Idea: Using technology and art to engage students in the concept of "equal parts" of a whole as a fraction is the goal of today's lesson.

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