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The majority of my class today turned in an introduction that had a question for a hook. The majority of the class also listed their claim and reasons in the introduction. It is great that a majority knows how to do this, however, I feel that they are sticking with starting with a question because it has become easy for them. Going forward, I am going to require that they have a different hook for each draft in order to push their thinking. Additionally I will also ensure that my published drafts and my example shows hooks that are not questions. 

  Pushing Students to Try Out Different Introductions
  Exit Tickets: Pushing Students to Try Out Different Introductions
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Persuasive Introductions

Unit 8: Using Mentor Texts, Generating Ideas, and Planning for Drafting of Persuasive Essays
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Objective: SWBAT introduce their claim and reasons by hooking the reader into their essay by using persuasive techniques.

Big Idea: Listen Up!

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