Reflection: Grappling with Complexity A Process To Help Students Access "Self-Reliance," Day 2 of 2 - Section 4: Identifying Central Ideas


It is difficult to imagine my students tackling the last part of this essay on their own as planned. Their papers are heavily annotated, like this student’s paper, but they still require a good amount of support to make sense of this essay. I did see progress today in that they were able to talk through some of the confusion with their small group so that by the time we spoke as a whole class, they were well on their way to a complete accurate interpretation, though I am not sure they would have arrived at it on their own. I am making some mental notes of specific things I need to address in future lessons. One is addressing complex sentence structure because that has kept them from understanding certain ideas. We’ll see what they are able to do tomorrow.

  Grappling with Complexity: This Is Still Challenging
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A Process To Help Students Access "Self-Reliance," Day 2 of 2

Unit 13: Transcendentalism
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify central ideas in “Self-Reliance” by engaging in a process of looking closely at important elements in the text.

Big Idea: Students take one small step towards independence by relying more on each other than on me for help making sense of this challenging text.

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