Reflection: Modeling What's Up With Wemberly - Section 2: Guided Practice


My students still have a hard time choosing the most important information from each part of the story. Where breaking the story up into beginning, middle. end helped narrow down what they should look at, I need to do more lessons about what needs to be in a summary and what doesn't. I could take a certain part of the story, the beginning, and cut it up showing the students what happens when certain parts of the story are taken away and/or put together. Then I could ask students again and again, "Does it change the meaning?"

  Pulling out the important
  Modeling: Pulling out the important
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What's Up With Wemberly

Unit 2: Wemberly Worried
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT summarize a story using their own words

Big Idea: Wemberly Worried gets broken into beginning, middle, and end and summarized

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, summarizing, Beginning, Middle, End
  40 minutes
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