Reflection: What Have We Learned? (Positions and Shapes) - Section 3: Taking the Test and Centers


Deciding what to include on an assessment can be a challenge.  Students need to be able to name many shapes, so do we need to give a 3 or 4 page test in order to include a question on each shape?  My response is no.  At this level, students have limited attention spans and are easily overwhelmed by lengthy assessments.  I need my end of unit assessment to give me a overall picture of whether or not my students mastered the major concepts and skills taught in the unit.  I do not end my assessment on shapes after this unit assessment.  We continue to review shapes throughout the school year and I assess my students ability to name and describe all of the basic two- and three-dimensional shapes at the end of each marking period.

  What To Test?
  What To Test?
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What Have We Learned? (Positions and Shapes)

Unit 4: Positions and Shapes
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Objective: Students will be able to show their knowledge of positions and shapes.

Big Idea: After completing a unit on positions and shapes, a summative assessment is given to gain information about what the students have learned! Assessing in small groups helps students focus and do their best on the assessment!

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Math, Critical Area, Describing Shapes, assessment
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positions and shapes
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