Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Tremendous Ten! - Section 2: Guided/Independent Practice


Looking over completed student work, the sort of “menu” of practice options with a variety of options for students produced plenty of practice.  Except for my kiddos who needed the most practice, to be honest.  My students with very limited early academic background and some of my students identified with special needs actually seem less productive on this day with so many options!  I was so busy keeping things moving and making sure all kids had their overview practice and their ten-frame counting.  Looking back, I can see how a beginning learner who is easily overwhelmed with new concepts could possibly be stressed out from so many activities to practice an unfamiliar number.

If I choose this route again, I will meet with kiddos who need a little support and make a “game plan,” helping them select their exact practice choices and then possibly even developing a silent check-in system so that I can keep teaching but they can share their progress with me and I can provide encouragement or a smile, even.  I can’t easily change the manpower issue, but we can set little procedures in place so that it’s harder for kiddos to fall through the cracks.

  When choice is not "choice"
  Diverse Entry Points: When choice is not "choice"
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Tremendous Ten!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 10 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 10.

Big Idea: A BUNCH of hands-on, interactive activities allow students to build a strong foundation with the number 10.

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