Reflection: Perseverance Zapped - Section 1: Introduction


The first time I introduce this activity, the explanation takes a while to discuss with students.  I find the time spent is valuable because when using this format with other texts, students are easily able to accomplish this task without elaboration – just a short reminder of some details.  This is perfect for sub-plans – it never feels like it is a lost instructional day.

This activity is successful with struggling learners because they can demonstrate specifically what they comprehend in the text.  Sometimes I will have partners read together and complete the assignment providing security in the knowledge and understanding through intimate discussions.

  Need for Introduction Time
  Perseverance: Need for Introduction Time
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Unit 9: Tangerine - Novel
Lesson 9 of 19

Objective: SWBAT determine the central ideas of the text and provide an objective summary of the text; analyze the interactions of an individual and his actions within a text; evaluate their reading comprehension skills.

Big Idea: Reading Non-Fiction to provide background knowledge with a classroom novel.

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English / Language Arts, conflict, novel, questioning
  60 minutes
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