Reflection: Trust and Respect Holding Students Accountable - Section 3: Show and Tell


In order for this to work, I have found that I had to develop a level of trust and respect among students in class. Throughout the year, I reinforced the idea that it was okay to be wrong and that we can't all be perfect at everything or know everything about everything. We learn from each other and offer support when and where it is needed. My students know I value that type of community. Therefore, students want to do well and share, but if they can't, they know that they have the power of asking someone else for help by choosing someone else in the classroom rather then being made to look like they are not smart enough. I have yet to have a student become emotional or disappointed that they did not have the most complete or correct answer. 

If I am challenging an especially sensitive student, I will make a very strong effort to restate or acknowledge something that was correct in their statement before moving on or correcting them. 

  Reluctant Sharers
  Trust and Respect: Reluctant Sharers
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Holding Students Accountable

Unit 1: ELA Through State History Studies
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT share summaries and learning from a shared nonfiction text.

Big Idea: Students learn that they may be called upon to share their ideas and they need to be prepared by having taken notes on what they have read.

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holding student accountable
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