Reflection: Modeling Compare Fractions GAME - Section 3: Concept Development


As you can see in my reflection video, using a game to help students develop fraction concepts is an excellent way for me to check for understanding on an individual basis.  As students play the game, I then have opportunities to circulate around the room and touch base with students about the game and ask fraction concept related questions.

One of the misconceptions and challenges  I observed as students played the game was that some students had trouble drawing spaces divided equally in an area model, or fraction bar. One way I might change this in the future is to have paper fraction bars ready and available for students to use instead of drawing.  In order for students to use fraction bars as a model that could help them when comparing fractions, drawing the bars is a strategy I want my students to be able to do.  However, if I had paper fraction bars that were pre-made, students could check their drawn models against the paper models.  



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Compare Fractions GAME

Unit 6: Fraction Equivalents and Ordering Fractions
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT compare fractions with different denominators by using various comparison strategies.

Big Idea: This lesson builds towards students ability to compare fractions by creating common denominators or numerators - 4.NF.2

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