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This lesson started out to be a contrast and compare of a literature text and an informational text.

As I spent more time with the book, Follow the Money, I realized that it, like the Joanne Cole books, was a rich mix of fantasy and facts.  I often read Magic Schoolbus books to my kindergarten students as two books - once reading the story and the second time reading the non-fiction bits in the boarders, think bubbles and notes that appeared throughout. I decided that second graders were mature enough readers that they could approach both genres simultaneously.

This lesson was born. I really like the task -  I think it solidifies the concept of “teaching stories.”


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Follow the Money!

Unit 3: "RICH" Literature and Information About Money!
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the major events in a story and the key, factual details related to the events.

Big Idea: Informational Fiction is the cross-over genre! This story of George’s travels teaches about the use of money, coin facts, and economics.

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