Reflection: Intervention and Extension Solve Problems by Applying Percents of Increase and Decrease - Section 3: Independent Problem Solving


I noticed that my students needed more independent practice on these problem types.  The 3 or 4 problems originally included were not enough.  I presented these problems to students in class the next day.  I told them that we need more practice to get really good at this.  I also told them that I would not be providing much help because they needed to struggle a bit on thier own.  They would need to look at their notes on how to model these problems.  Making mistakes is okay but giving up is not.  I did go over a couple of examples explicitly before leaving them on their own.

  Intervention and Extension: More Practice Please!
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Solve Problems by Applying Percents of Increase and Decrease

Unit 5: Percent and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT model and apply a percent of increase or decrease using a bar model

Big Idea: Students use a bar model to see the relationship between the original value and the changed value

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Percentages, bar model, percent increase, percent decrease
  50 minutes
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