Reflection: Student Ownership MACBETH Day Five: Review Act I through Act Three, Scene iv - Section 2: Collaboration: Answering Text-Dependent Questions


This activity requires students to monitor and evaluate their comprehension while answering text-dependent questions in a collaborative setting. They have to return to the text to examine complex language and make inferences, including discussing how Shakespeare uses language to portray characters and advance the plot.

Since we meet every other day and with a weekend in between, do not meet three or four days, I find that students are slow to remember details from the first act.  In the last class of the day, I give student about 10-15 minutes to draw on background knowledge and write a summary of Macbeth through Act III, Scene iv, letting them refer back to the text as necessary (Student Work: Summary Warm-Up). This activity provides facility of memory to students, and they are able to answer more questions in the time allotted.

  Student Ownership: Collaboration: Answering Text-Dependent Questions
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MACBETH Day Five: Review Act I through Act Three, Scene iv

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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate comprehension through answer text-dependent questions and collaborative discsusion.

Big Idea: "Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made." ---Wayne Dyer

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English / Language Arts, tragic hero, Literature, archetype, Shakespeare, Classics (Literature), Macbeth, Culture for Learning, Common Core Alignment, discourse and questioning
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collaboration and going back to the
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