Reflection: Lesson Planning Eleven- the Groundbreaker! - Section 2: Independent/Guided Practice


I came up with my “All About” page after looking at what I made last year and feeling altogether unimpressed.  I am so hard on myself.  To make myself feel better and get some good ideas, I checked out Pinterest!  I saw little things on other teen number “concept” pages that I liked, but I really, really don’t like worksheets.  I wanted to make sure that the paper created would be a way to record what we’re learning and the knowledge that we’re building—but it’s not a “worksheet” to be the learning.  I wouldn’t’ think of doing this without actually building the 11 with ten blocks and one extra.  And I wouldn’t sit kids down to “do” this page without being right in the middle of the kiddos—just a few kiddos, 6 or less—talking with them, asking questions, really stretching their learning.  When they’re coloring 11 happy faces, I’m listening to them count, when they’re writing 11’s in the little boxes, I’m watching so carefully and providing specific feedback, like, “Your 1’s in the 11 are close together and the same size.  Perfect!”  The recording sheet isn’t the teacher—it’s the place where we show what we’re learning.

  Lesson Planning: Worksheet Vs. Recording Sheet
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Eleven- the Groundbreaker!

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent 11.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy a variety of hands-on activities to develop the concept that 11 is a 10 and 1 more.

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