Reflection: High Expectations Talk About Plural Nouns - Section 3: Follow Up and Expanding


One way to make sure that students will be successful with plural nouns is to plan to focus on the skill for a couple of weeks.  When I do this, I speak and write with plural nouns, I have students do the same and I also have students self-monitor their use of plural nouns. 
For example:  I might have students writing about an animal that we have learned about- I will extend this by telling them I want them to write about a group of their certain animal.  When I do this, I have students check their writing to see if it makes sense and if it relays the message of a plural.  I have students read things back to me but I also have students repeat things they have said- a lot of times, they will correct themselves since they know this has been a focus!

  Ensuring student success with adding magic s!
  High Expectations: Ensuring student success with adding magic s!
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Talk About Plural Nouns

Unit 9: Language Skills
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Objective: SWBAT orally change nouns from singular to plural by adding /s/ and will be able to show understanding of this in their writing.

Big Idea: Smarties love plurals- help turn one smart student into many smart students!

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