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Because it is a new skill for students to write equations using the distributive property, it was important for me to provide a model of these equations for the students to use.  The students had different sizes of arrays, and their equations were based on their own array.  This required the students to compare their array with mine, match the number for rows to be used as the distributive factor, and then break the factor for the columns into separate addends. 

The use of this equation will require additional practice and activities for students to fully understand.  This lesson is an introduction and illustration of the distributive property. 

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Find The Array

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
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Objective: SWBAT create arrays and determine the area using square tiles.

Big Idea: Students create arrays with two different colors of tiles and they will begin to use the distributive property of multiplication for their array.

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Math, commutative property of multiplication, Critical Area, word problems, multiplication, multiplication models, area model
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