Reflection: Adjustments to Practice A Study of Money: Making "Cents" of Text Features - Section 4: Closure


This lesson is well designed until the very end. Whole group creation of the poster of definitions doesn't build in accountability. Too many students can get lost in the sauce. I will need to refine this so that each child has a part to play and is responsible for playing it! 

  Text features
  Adjustments to Practice: Text features
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A Study of Money: Making "Cents" of Text Features

Unit 3: "RICH" Literature and Information About Money!
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT determine the meaning of boldface words, and use other text features to locate key information about money - a second grade math topic.

Big Idea: There is much more to money than just counting it. Using text features allows second graders to zero in on relevant information.

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