Reflection: Adjustments to Practice George and Lennie are like...Relationships and Power in Of Mice and Men - Section 3: Building Knowledge: Determining a character's power over their circumstances


Delayed openings/adjustments to the instructional day require creative lesson adjustments. Due to a shortened period today, my students did not get to do any work with the organizer (aside from the guided practice). No worries. This just means we'll spend more time doing the activity in class next session. I decided not to assign this for homework because I really want to monitor their work while they are completing it. I anticipate that some of them will struggle with collecting evidence in the form of paraphrasing and quoting, so I want to be right there (with my net, of course) to help those who need it and do on the spot re-teaching. 

  Shortened Period Adjustment
  Adjustments to Practice: Shortened Period Adjustment
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George and Lennie are like...Relationships and Power in Of Mice and Men

Unit 10: Actions and Reactions Of Mice and Men
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT cite evidence from the text to explain the relationship between George and Lennie AND evaluate the characters' power over their circumstances

Big Idea: Back it up: Students back up their original analogies with evidence from the text before "digging in" to chapter 2

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