Reflection: Intervention and Extension Asking Questions Like a Historians - Section 2: Practice


This system of first identifying facts through senses and then using those senses to support theories is a great strategy for all investigative activities. I use them in science often and now, as we are learning more about history, a great way to us it is to ask a local museum or college library archive for artifacts that students can practice. 

I've heard students who see a brown and withering plant start to say, "its dead" and rethink and say, "I think its dead because its brown, shriveled and bent over". That transition helps students develop skills in supporting their thinking with facts. Which will translate to stronger supported persuasive essays.

  Actual Artifacts
  Intervention and Extension: Actual Artifacts
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Asking Questions Like a Historians

Unit 1: ELA Through State History Studies
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to cite observation when inferring the importance of a picture or artifact.

Big Idea: Students should first state what they see (or other senses) before inferring what's important.

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English / Language Arts, definition context clue, Vocabulary, evidence, questioning, history, inferring, observations, Geography
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