Reflection: Reading in the Classroom: Learning Procedure for Classroom Reading - Section 1: Introduction


Before I have the entire group try to walk to the carpet correctly, its important to demonstrate what is expected by having a few students model how to walk and then sit in the library area. Ask the students follow-up questions to review expectations.

I first define the expectations then ask if any students would be able to show us how its done. I don't choose students because I only want those that know they can do it to try. I might choose someone who typically has challenges staying on task to be a good role model by demonstrating the right way.

After a few students demonstrate how to to do it, I ask the rest of the class to say what they have done correctly. If there any major issues with the way they came in, I ask the class to talk about what they could work on. I might then ask another group of students to try it if we have time.

I then redefine the expectations again and ask the whole class to try it.

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Reading in the Classroom: Learning Procedure for Classroom Reading

Unit 10: Preparing for Reading
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Objective: SWBAT to follow procdures for coming to the reading space quickly and quietly to read independently for extended periods of time.

Big Idea: Students develop skills to demostrate independence in reading.

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