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Center time is supposed to be a fun time for the students when they can interact with their classmates and use a variety of materials while practicing the concepts that we are learning in the classroom.  Unfortunately, some students have been taking advantage of this time and have been just talking to their friend and playing rather than completing the center appropriately.  When there is a paper that the students are completing, it is easy to hold them accountable because you can see if they paper is completed or not.  Some of the other centers are more difficult to judge when you are not standing right at the group watching.  Today I noticed a lot of play dough being used for things other than making shapes and some students just "playing" with the food in the kitchen rather than sorting it.  I spoke to each center individually during centers and also to the class as a whole at the end.  I reminded the students that during math centers, the directions for each center need to be followed or we will not be able to have as many fun materials out during centers.  I plan to check in with the centers more frequently to ensure that the students are completing them and not just playing with the materials.

  Are You Doing Your Center?
  Rules and Consequences: Are You Doing Your Center?
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Rolling, Stacking & Sliding

Unit 4: Positions and Shapes
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Objective: Students will be able to name and describe the attributes of three-dimensional shapes.

Big Idea: Students engage with 3D shapes in their environment, exploring how they roll, stack and slide.

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Math, Critical Area, Describing Shapes
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