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I am always balancing the CCSS stressing of TIER TWO words with the need to make my students familiar with content vocabulary. One can only teach so many words with direct instruction, and the importance of students understanding academic language and those tier two words gives them precedence! But content specific words are important too, darn it! This lesson, using content specific words to give my students the opportunity to infer from their use, the main idea of the whole text, and the main idea of each paragraph assuaged my worry about overemphasizing tier three words. Yay!

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My Favorite Bank Book

Unit 3: "RICH" Literature and Information About Money!
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT state the main topic of the booklet, as well as the focus of the paragraph on each page.

Big Idea: Informational text is available and necessary everywhere in the world - you can bank on it!

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