Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Editing and Revision with Google Docs - Section 2: Active Engagement


Since some students do not have computers at home, they were behind in tying their essay. I had then complete at least the first three paragraphs of their essay (which all but two students who were having password issues were able to do) then share with their partner to get feedback. I then told them to finish their essay with their partners feedback in mind before or after school or with me during lunch if they could not use the computer.

Additionally, one student who never does his homework (I mean not once this year!) went to the public library on his own to finish the essay. He told me since typing on Google docs was a more fun option then writing out the draft, he completed the assignment. From now on, he now has a tool in which he will be more likely to complete his homework!

  Helping Students When They Are Behind
  Diverse Entry Points: Helping Students When They Are Behind
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Editing and Revision with Google Docs

Unit 9: Drafting, Finalizing and Celebrating Our Persuasive Essays
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT edit and revise the first draft of their writing in order to set goals for their future drafts.

Big Idea: Google your feedback!

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