Reflection: Routines and Procedures Fine Motor Center - Section 3: The Process Students Typically Follow


Fine Motor center is one that students always find fun and engaging while they practice needed skills.  This center is one that strengthens their little hands while it also strengthens their minds; it is one that I love to watch because of that!  I tend to watch this center and check to make sure students are completing the activities to the best of their ability. 
For example, in the video, you can see that the boy is tracing the letters from bottom to top; this is not how we are supposed to form letters.  So, after I shot the video, I spoke to him and reminded him that he is supposed to follow the directions of the letters- "Every letter has numbers.  Start with one and follow its arrow, then move to two... Remember?"  This student immediately began to look fro number one with each letter he was tracing.  And, to further his learning, I heard him a few weeks later reminding someone else (when they were writing) to remember that, "We are supposed to start at one!"
I love how I can watch my students learn in this center in so many ways that I can then check on and re-teach through!

  What does fine motor center teach me so I can teach them?
  Routines and Procedures: What does fine motor center teach me so I can teach them?
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Fine Motor Center

Unit 3: Centers
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Objective: SWBAT match letters or letter sounds while using their fine motor skills.

Big Idea: Students will be able to practice their fine motor skills while also reviewing their letter name and/or letter sound knowledge.

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