Reflection: Pacing Regional Characteristics: Researching Using Nonfiction Texts - Section 2: Organizing Notes and Creating a Pamphlet


I never realized how excited students would be to share information with others. Although they were excited to work on and create a pamphlet, they needed some time to brainstorm and share ideas on how they are going to design a brochure by talking with the other people in their table groups. 

They took a lot longer to organize their notes, design the pamphlet, and actually create the pamphlet then I planned. So, in the moment, I stopped students and refocused on them on sharing their ideas with other people in the group. I asked them to notice different ways of representing information. I also asked students to share out loud with the class a few example to help guide the conversations students were having. Some of the things students came up with through sharing with the group were to use bullet points, pictures, and maps. They also came up with the idea to change the font to match the content.

I thought this was a worthwhile deviation from the original lesson because it made students reconsider their audience and how they wanted to present information.

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Regional Characteristics: Researching Using Nonfiction Texts

Unit 1: ELA Through State History Studies
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT present information about a concept through researching with a nonfiction text.

Big Idea: Students get multiple opportunities to process new information and present it.

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