Reflection: Vertical Alignment Flowers for Algernon: Building Background/Rorschach Testing - Section 3: Reading Rorschach Article


I first learned about SOAPSTone when I was training to take on an AP course.  One of the best things about teaching AP was the fantastic teacher (Larry Scanlon) that I had at the College Board course; he taught us tons of strategies to use with nonfiction.

What I like about the Common Core is that, through its vertical alignment of standards, it validates the decision to bring down some of the quality strategies traditionally reserved for older students.  After all, what is the point of changing terminology and/or approach, if the younger students can handle the material? SOAPSTone is a perfect example of this.  If you can train 13-year olds to evaluate texts for author's intended audience, just imagine how analytical they will be able to be when they are reading really complicated texts, later on.

The kids today took SOAPSTone in stride.  The only thing that they complained about was the acronym; apparently, it should be called SOAPST (catchy!)


  Vertical Alignment: SOAPSTone
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Flowers for Algernon: Building Background/Rorschach Testing

Unit 3: Flowers for Algernon
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT understand and explain the controversial nature of the type of psychological testing that the story, "Flowers For Algernon" features.

Big Idea: SciFi + InfoText = AHa!

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