Reflection: Student Ownership Informal Writing: Writing a Letter to Our Heroes - Section 1: Introduction


A few things happened as we brainstormed people that were important in history. I framed the question by asking students to think of people that sacrificed something to create a better lives for us. One thing that happened was that students were narrow focused on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , Rosa Parks, and Gandhi because they had just returned from a school assembly. But the other thing that happened was one student suggested that our parents sacrificed things for their children. Today, my students ran with that and thought it would be a good idea to write first to their parents and thank them before addressing the important heroes from the past. They thought it was a good idea because they wanted to give/show these letters to their parents after they were finished writing them. Although, if that was the focus of this lesson, I could have taught it a little more strongly and given better examples, I still think it was appropriate because students were able to show ownership and pride in their work.

  A Twist on the Lesson
  Student Ownership: A Twist on the Lesson
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Informal Writing: Writing a Letter to Our Heroes

Unit 6: Letter Writing, Dictionary Skills, and Language Study
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a friendly letter which includes all 5 parts of a letter.

Big Idea: Students learn how to write a letter using the correct format by thanking the heroes of their past and present.

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English / Language Arts, Martin Luther King Jr., dictionary (Sources of Info), Comprehension (Reading), homophones, Civil Rights Movement, 4th grade, letter, Fourth Grade, Letter Writing, dictionary, dictionary skills
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