Reflection: Checks for Understanding PEMDAS PIZZA - Section 5: Group Share


Students were having a hard time replacing variables in an expression.  I didn't think this would be an obstacle.  I wouldn't have known that they were struggling if we hadn't taken the time to do a group share.  

I learned that if the expression said 3b and b = 2, some students were replacing the b with a 2 to create 32.  I was under the impression that they knew it was multiplication, because when we had just 3b, they would tell me that they knew the operation was multiply.  At least four students were not making that connection within their own thinking.

Tomorrow, as I incorporate more challenging numbers, I have to make sure all students are comfortable replacing variables with the value that is stated. 

  Replacing variables
  Checks for Understanding: Replacing variables
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Unit 1: Numerical Expressions and Patterns
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT solve simple expressions using the order of operations.

Big Idea: Practice makes perfect. Today students spend more time simplifying expressions. The PEMDAS PIZZA model helps them stay organized.

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Math, order of operations, Number Sense and Operations, precision, Practice, rigor, Operations
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