Reflection: Joy Nature's Fury: Performance Task Continued - Section 1: Cue Set


In order to make this a bit more concrete and fun, I turned my back to the Smart Board during the share time and pretended that I had never seen the picture of Katniss.  I pulled scholars from my cup and called on volunteers to describe Katniss to me.  As they described her, I said the image that I had in my mind.  For example, the first scholars said that, "She is talented."  I said, "Ok, I see a tall blond haired 25 year-old women who is super talented at soccer."  The kids thought this was super funny and it helped them to understand that they need to be super descriptive and explicit when describing characters in their narratives.  Telling scholars the image that their descriptions produced enabled them to concretely experience WHY it is so important to be descriptive and precise when describing. 

  Make it more concrete!
  Joy: Make it more concrete!
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Nature's Fury: Performance Task Continued

Unit 7: Nature's Fury - Part III
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT develop narratives by describing characters and creating a logical event sequence.

Big Idea: Let's create strong narratives!

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