Reflection: Lesson Planning Establishing Evaluative Criteria and Using an Outline (for The Review) - Section 3: Using an Outline to "Jumpstart" Your Review


This lesson, admittedly, has a number of "moving parts."  I have varied it in the past by distributing the outline suggestion (as a handout or in an email) just before the bell and, then, assigning a first, short draft for homework.  In other words, after collecting the "evaluative criteria" AND reviewing the "features of a Review," we end class with the task of an outline hanging overhead for homework.  

However, I found many students had many questions regarding the "sections" as described in the suggested outline and simply "shut down" during the evening's homework time.  So, I decided this year to "sneak in" the outline at the tail end of class, "jumpstart" students, and ask for a draft for the next class period.  Adding the outline suggestions into the "old" lesson worked better this fall, but, obviously I would encourage you to structure my lesson elements/sections in a manner that fits your curricular needs.

  a reflection on pacing and scope
  Lesson Planning: a reflection on pacing and scope
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Establishing Evaluative Criteria and Using an Outline (for The Review)

Unit 5: Writing a Review
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT establish their own, specific evaluative standards for a book review -- that is they will label or identify those things by which they will judge the quality of their "choice" books.

Big Idea: ... clear criteria is the key to "evaluative" writing ...

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